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Earnest, heartfelt and caring. Those three words capture the essence of Sandee Facy, who has called Australia home for nearly two decades. You could almost call her a local. Music has always been a life-long passion for Sandee. Her musical pathway has seen her perform as a solo artist, in duos, and as the front woman in several bands. She has also been fortunate enough to turn her passion for music into a commercial success outside of performing, with her own successful music business. It’s safe to say that Sandee has embraced everything that music has to offer, and it’s made for a wonderful journey.

After a couple of decades carving out a career performing in the music industry, Sandee Facy the “singer-songwriter” was born. Inspired by the tragic passing of a close friend from Cystic Fibrosis, just days shy of her 21st birthday, Sandee put pen to paper and hasn’t stopped since that moment. Her very first original song, Hummingbird, gave further purpose and direction to her career.

This collection of songs written by Sandee are transcribed from her heart to yours, with the intention of bringing you a range of emotions and memories. Sandee is super excited to begin touring with other Australian Country Artists to reach new audiences here and around the world.

Still That Girl - Signed EP - CD

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